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Cement Process & Energy Saving October, 2006 The Energy Conservation Center, Japan Tro Kawase. Laos 2006.10 2 ... gas flow material flow Air leak O2 Cooler exhaust vent F F exhaust gas rate . ... consumption and fan power consumption. Air leakage occurred in kiln and

Cooling Airflow Design Calculations for UFAD

Cooling Airflow Design Calculations for UFAD D uring the past ten years as underfloor air distribution (UFAD) ... calculated the amount of cooling air-flow needed to remove sensible heat loads from a building space by using the following simple steady-state heat balance equation.

Air Flow, Air Systems, Pressure, and Fan Performance

Problem # 2 – A Change in the System's Air Flow Rate. Now we will change the air flow rate through Section 2 from 3400 CFM to 3000 CFM. We will illustrate how once you know one (CFM, S.P.) point of a system you can use the Fan Laws to calculate the pressure loss for other air flow rates. Section 1

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Cement Plant Operations Handbook 7th Edition; ... Home » Forum » Technical Cement Forum » GRATE COOLER. 1 posts. Time Posted 27/12/2011 17:15:20. Kanniyan says. GRATE COOLER ... Please check and confirm the cooler fans air flow displayed in CCR are matching with actual readigs. Secondary air temperature is the best indicator.

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Oversized fans generate excess flow energy, resulting in high airflow noise ... along the axis of the fan. The air is pressurized by the aerodynamic lift generated by the fan blades, much like a propeller and an airplane wing. ... Improving Fan System Performance.


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Fin Fan ® Air Cooled Heat Exchangers – Life Cycle Costs

Fin Fan ® Air Cooled Heat Exchangers – Life Cycle Costs Sam E. Chapple, P. Eng. ... This emphasizes the importance of the Fan Efficiency on the air cooler power consumption. It is important to note that the motor power is proportional to the cube power of the fan flow rate.


HEAT EXCHANGE MODELING OF A GRATE CLINKER COOLER . AND ENTROPY PRODUCTION ANALYSIS. D. Touil 1, H. F Belabed ... The concept of the exergy analysis is applied to a grate cooler of a cement production facility. The cooling of the clinker is ... the distribution of the air in the bed is uniform, the air flow at the entry to the bed is ...

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If that same plant had no cooling tower and used once-through cooling water, ... The hyperboloid shape also aids in accelerating the upward convective air flow, improving cooling efficiency. ... Fan-induced draft, counter-flow cooling tower. Using these flow rates and concentration dimensional units: M

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Home » Forum » Technical Cement Forum » Kiln shell cooling system. ... Can we used water fog sytem / water sprinkler on kiln shell temp. control against shell cooling fan installed in burning zone, preburning and cooling zone. KIMA say that water cooling is more efficient than air. 2. How we can calculate that cooling air flow is sufficient ...

Thermal Energy Audit of Kiln System in a Cement Plant

Thermal Energy Audit of Kiln System in a Cement Plant S.B.NITHYANANTH1, H.RAHUL2, ... clinker cooling is taking place with the help of ambient air supplied by cooler fans to recover the heat from clinker, after taking heat from clinker one part of hot air is ... the detailed process flow diagram of the cement plant. III. OBSERVATION AND ANALYSIS

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Cooling Tower Analysis Written By Anthony Paolucci September 18, 2002 Instructors Dr. Jim Henry ... Plant (CEP-old) old cooling tower, and the Central Energy Plant (CEP-new) new cooling ... Anemometer – This instrument was used to measure the velocity of the air exiting the cooling tower fans. Several anemometers were used for each cooling tower.

Effective Temperature Control for Cement Kiln Off -Gases

many cement plants with state-of-the-art evaporative spray technology. ... After determining the required degree of cooling, the gas flow, desired control setpoint temperature, particulate type and quantity, the amount of water to be sprayed can be ... induced draft fan. Cooling was being done by air assist sprays giving drop sizes of 130 µm

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Fan and Pad Evaporative Cooling Systems. ... Evaporative Air Coolers ... Evaporative cooling can help to maintain a cool summer environment that doesn't stress the plants. The fan and pad system is the standard system in use for many years in greenhouses and other segments of agriculture. ...

Air Flow Characteristics of an Air Cooled Condenser used ...

Air Flow Characteristics of an Air Cooled Condenser used in Thermal Power Plant Devesh Kumar Garg1, ... Trend of total air flow at various fan deck heights and wind speed s Figure 3 : Airflow through fans for 15 m fan deck height ... cooled condensers are very specific to its geometry and the internal construction so the air flow characteristics

Air-Cooled Condensers (ACC) and Air Coolers (AC) | FANS, a.s.

Forced air flow is provided by a propeller fan. The fan is driven by an electric motor with gearbox. The air cooler (AC) is used for cooling the heat transferring media. In principle, it cools with atmospheric air, with forced air draft. The heat transferring medium is not in direct contact with the cooling air.

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The right plant concept for the perfect fan specification. ... and ambient air is used to cool it in the external cross-flow by means of axial fans. Air/air heat exchangers (one or several) can be used on both the exhaust gas side and the cooling air side, depending on what the application requires.

Cement Kilns: Clinker Coolers

Types of cooler for use with cement kilns. Clinker Coolers. Home About this site About cement About clinker List of plants ... Coolers are essential parts of rotary kiln systems. Clinker leaves the kiln at 1200°C or more. ... The cooler transfers the heat from the clinker to the combustion air, ...

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Therefore, a fan that provides an air flow of 18 CFM at zero static pressure is adequate for cooling. Thus, the final arrangement is to use a fan of lower speed. 60×60×25mm Fan with Middle Speed 60×60×25mm Fan with Low and Middle Speed How to Select the Right Fan or Blower

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This fan calculator is typically used to calculate the CFM or cubic feet per minute of air exchange that may be desired in a building. Whether exhausting air or bringing fresh air into a structure, the calculation produced should help to figure out the size of fan(s) required to accomplish the air exchanges needed.


process design of air cooled heat exchangers (air coolers) (project standards and specifications) table of content scope 2 references 2 definitions and terminology 2 symbols and abbreviations 3 units 3 general 3 horizontal type 4 fans 4 number of fans 4 fans in various duties 5 types 5 rust prevention 6 chemical cleaning connections 6

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Cement plants that have 4 and 5 stage preheaters have a significant amount of available energy that can be recovered from the kiln exhaust. ... Most also have available energy from the hot air produced in the clinker cooler. ... This reduction in air flow passing through the ID fans translates to additional savings with the help of new sheaves ...

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Full text of "Holderbank Cement engineering book" ... Since cement plants have life cycles of 40 years and more, numerous units of each cooler type, planetary, rotary or grate cooler of old or new designs, will remain in operation for many more years. ... air fans ♦ Seal air from booster fan using air from cooling air fans ♦ Undergrate ...

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Chart manufactures air cooled heat exchangers (fin fan cooler) for gas processing & transmission, petrochemical processing, ... Applications include process plants and refineries, gas compression and condensing, engine cooling, power generation and utilities. ... Gain an essential understanding of efficient and competitive air cooler design ...

Evaporative Cooling Design Calculator • FGKH

Is your process requiring to cool down a flue gas or ambient air with evaporative cooling? This Evaporative Cooling Design Calculator is the best tool to help you estimate an evaporative cooling system. ... To cool down a flue gas in a cement plant with a dedicated cooling tower.

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• The water requirement for coal based plant with cooling tower ... design air flow rate), will run on the order of ~100 Pa +/- ... • Fan Shaft Power or Brake Horsepower - Depending upon the fan static efficiency, one can calculate whether the fan system will deliver the appropriate amount of air.


Energy and Exergy Analysis of the Kiln system in the Cement Plant 105 form calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and carbon dioxide. The partly calcined ... Flow rate of cooler hot air 138542Nm3/hr ... Energy and Exergy Analysis of the Kiln system in the Cement Plant 2. ----- (4.2)


These are terms that are directly employ in measurement and calculation. 2.4.1 Cooler Air Load ... for optimum performance evaluation of a cooler at Dangote cement plant, Ibese, Ogun state. ... The measurements taken for cooler heat balance are cooler air fan flow, cooler excess air fan flow temperature, tertiary air flow temperature and ...